6 things every marketer should be thankful for.

By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar

It’s just after the long weekend and many of you, I’m sure, are still feeling the greasy shine afterglow from a delish turkey dinner, the warmth from spending time with family and counting all your personal blessings.  But have you taken a moment to think about your work-life blessings?

In the land of squeezed margins, ROI pressures, TV being 1/10th as effective as it used to be, shrinking budgets, crashing markets, the it’s-slowly-eating-away-at-my-soul day-to-day street war, it’s sometimes hard to see the blessings while strapped to your desk.  But quit your bitchin’ because it (was) is Thanksgivin’!  And believe me, dear Marketer, you have A LOT to be thankful for (and to our American readers…park this sentiment for a month).  Hear me out:

With pressure and downturns comes massive opportunity

  1. Someone out there needs to create hope – it could be you!
  2. Marketing is still the ultimate combo of science and art – you have a highly skillful craft
  3. Your lab is the real world:  you can get out of the office, shop the stores, buy the products and live your brands
  4. Marketing is about the consumer, advertising, pop culture – the kids coming out of school think it’s COOL.
  5. You are not an accountant, a lawyer or Lady Gaga’s handler

Remember folks, marketing is fun, it’s sexy, it’s creative.  And you have the power to create your own happiness in your job (see Jen’s great blog on Being Happy).  So keep that in mind and be thankful!

And if you think there are other things marketers should be thankful for, let us know!

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