Lesson on when it’s your time, be honest and make it big!

By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar

Here at EIM we’ve had it with the liars.  Lance Armstrong, Manti T’eo, let’s throw it back a few years to Barry Bonds and Hugh Grant.

Not to compare the following person to the aforementioned lying narcissists, but we commend Kathleen Wynne for being honest about who she is.  Her post as Ontario’s new, and first female, Premier is brand spanking new, so we’ll withhold judgment on her ability to run our fair province (the word going in is pretty positive).  But we commend her for not hiding who she is, a gay woman in politics.

Now, I’m hearing a lot of talk in the media about this aspect of her life, often more than her political acumen.  And the interesting thing is I don’t think anyone really cares.  If the media is hoping to grab attention with this they are about 6 years behind.  First the men made a big splash coming out of the closet (Ricky Martin, Lance Bass, George Michael).  It’s become so commonplace that by the time Anderson Cooper came out we stifled a collective yawn.  Now when it’s about a gay woman, thanks to Ellen and Rosie, we all shrug and think big deal, they must have a book coming out.  (Jodie Foster sort of did at the Golden Globes with a speech that left viewers wondering all kinds of WTF.  Did she?  Didn’t she? Yes, she did.)

So the lesson, it’s about being honest and timing.  If you’re hoping to make a big splash with your brand, be loud and proud and flaunt those distinctive assets.   And do so ahead of the trend as the next one is right behind you.  The next trend?  According to Toronto Life it’s being polyamorous (the technical term for swinging).  I can’t wait to see who is the first celebrity to hit the Oprah confessional and admit to this one!