Lessons from the UFC on how to stay relevant.

By Luke Sklar and Amber Hudson

Here’s to you Joe DiMaggio…   Does anyone remember Paul Simon’s plea to celebrate fallen sports stars? (Does anyone even remember Paul Simon?).  Well this is a callout to marketers to shed a tear for fallen sports.  As the Rogers Centre ticket office sold out in just 5 minutes for Saturday’s Ultimate Fight Club extravaganza we kiss a fond good bye to Boxing, Wrestling, and yes eventually Baseball.

Here’s to you George St Pierre and may the New Gladiators meet the New Consumer.

And yes, consider kissing good bye these timeless boardroom clichés:

  • You hit a real home run there chum…out of the park.
  • Let’s wrestle this one to the ground.
  • Go right after him, no need for the” rope a dope.”

Please, who has time for a 7th inning stretch?  We’re desensitized, time wired, and if it’s not a videogame it better be the real deal.  Real blood, real victory, real fast.  Boxing was corrupt and never found the new Muhammad Ali.  Wrestling went for theatrical nonsense.  And Baseball…Barry Bonds was boring and (allegedly) drugged.  Bring us just five rounds, unbelievably buff tattooed specimens and all the new media tools …and the new cult is born.   UFC is here to stay.  And we’re only at the beginning.

Lessons for marketers?

  • The basic (overwhelmingly male) need to fight and vanquish is timeless.  The hero archetype lives on.
  • The competition got fat, dated and detached from their consumers and were disrupted by the scrappy more athletic challenger.
  • Any chance your brand has gotten a bit flabby?

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