Lessons from Toronto’s Mayor Ford on doing the right thing.

By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar

From the Canadian media to the late night US talk shows, we seem to be suffering from an inability to talk about anything else (CBC, do we really need an article on the 9 Things You Should Know About Crack Cocaine? ).  We just had to weigh in on Rob Ford.

Here’s the 60 second recap:  Rob Ford is Toronto’s mayor.  He got caught smoking crack; yesterday he admitted to hitting the pipe during an alcohol-fueled transgression of epic proportions.  Media loses its mind over the twin over-stimuli of illicit drugs and buffoon politicians.

But let me ask you this:  if you had to choose, would you choose a leader that A:  was a lying, cheating, philanderer, or B:  someone incredibly disciplined, in bed by 9:00 every night.  Well, the first one is Bill Clinton, the second one is Hitler.   So here’s the lesson:

  • Sure Clinton got lucky; his presidency was at a time of peace and prosperity (sorry Obama).  But other than Hitler, no one is as good, or as bad, as their reputation.
  • If you make a promise, you have to deliver.
  • And if you get caught with your pants down, remember, the truth will set you free.  Every brand has strong loyalists, stop the BS and they will take you to victory.

Here’s a great blog post that I think sums up quite nicely: remember, if you act sincerely, you never have to say the word.

And that, our friends, is our last word on this.