Lessons from the Grey Cup on being both lucky and good.

By Luke Sklar and Amber Hudson

We’ve got a bit of a Canadiana thing going these days: first Canadian marketers then a Canadian pop star.   So we couldn’t pass up Canadian football.    And what a beautifully Canadian game it is:  wider field, larger end zone, 3 downs and 12 players a side (OMG Canadians, you should know this).  Plus the players seem less pretentious and less hairy (no Troy Polamalu hair or salary levels in this game).

Looking back at Sunday’s Grey Cup we made note of a few things:

  • Finally, Toronto seemed to really care!  The last time Toronto and all its urban sophisticates cared about the Grey Cup John Candy cheered from the sidelines.
  • It was only carried on TSN, yet it was the most watched Grey Cup game of all-time on English TV.
  • Gordon Lightfoot is still alive…and has fans. More fans than Justin Bieber by the sounds of all the booing.  (Tsk, tsk Toronto…bad form).

And as we enjoyed our beautiful game we had one reaction:  Dang CFL, y’all got lucky this year!

That’s right, they hit it out of the park thanks to luck.  In fact, call it a luck trifecta: the NHL lockout, it was the 100th game and Toronto played in Toronto.

So what should the CFL or any marketer do when handed this type of luck on a silver platter?  POUNCE, baby!  Do not pat yourself on the back because you didn’t do anything.  Instead, quickly develop a plan to keep the momentum going:  to maintain connection with your now larger audience, to reinforce why they suddenly love you.

We’re watching you CFL.  What will you do with this affectionate glow?  Don’t disappoint us.