Yet another lesson on dropping the jargon to communicate with clarity.

By Amber Hudson

We’ve done it before (here and here) and it is high time we do it again: crack down on jargon. Fast Company recently hosted a “vote for the worst business jargon of all time” competition. Through a round robin process they pitted the worst offenders against each other. And the results are below.   Time to tie up that robe once and for all folks.

Click here for the translations and why each is hated so much.

As part of our annual Light the Night fundraiser supporting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada we are sharing our Top 10 internally and each time someone says or writes one of the offending phrases they have to pay $2. I think we’re going to do quite well.

The lesson is super clear: rather than make you look smart jargon obscures meaning. So just say what you really mean.   And if this post inspires your organization to crack down on your own Top 10 Worst Jargon feel free to sponsor us!