Send us ANY topic and we’ll show you the marketing insight.

By Luke Sklar and Amber Hudson

Since we launched this blog back in January Luke and I have had a blast batting around ideas, sharing stories and often laughing at the ridiculous.  We’ve covered many topics:  sports, movies, celebrities, porn, religion, corporations, parenting, even the lowly ham sandwich.  All in the attempt to prove to you that everything is marketing (I think we’re doing a bang up job, no?).

Now we are seeking inspiration from YOU, oh faithful reader. Send us a topic, any topic; thrilling to mundane, funny to morose, highbrow to low, ordinary to weird.  Send us anything and we promise to identify the marketing insight.  Why you ask?  Because we wake up every day believing – not many things – that EVERYTHING is marketing.

Think you can stump us?  Bring…it…ON!

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