Lessons on how to make post-summer resolutions for your brand.

By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar 

By our own admission, over the last few weeks of the summer Luke and I got lazy: slothful, sweating in the oppressive heat, flabby, couldn’t even muster enough energy to hammer out a blog post.  And we got busted by our loyal readers!  But by the looks of it, we weren’t the only ones to hang up the Gone Fishin’ sign:  traffic was lighter, offices became ghost towns, employee attire took on a whole new meaning of “casual”, work was delayed.   Not surprisingly, according to a recent BusinessInsider.com article, productivity drops 20% during the summer months.  

Then BAM, Labour Day hits and everything goes back into overdrive. 

So we think Labour Day is the real New Year’s Day!  Think about it – we feel more  energized, we get back on schedule, it’s a new school year, we bring out our super cute fall  boots (who’s with me ladies), and we want to lose the cottage / vacation / backyard BBQ weight.  There’s a real charge in the air.  And it’s good time to channel this new found energy into new resolutions for your brand. 

In our Get Rid of the Brand Flab post last January we shared 3 brand resolutions.  We’ve got two more: 

  1. Reset your goals:  yes, you need a 3 – 5 year plan.  But think of it as your mistress; something you have to pay attention to now and again to keep it from sneaking up on you and messing up a good thing.  But you have to really focus on your significant other, your current plan.  Now is the time to reset your short term goals, find ways to make your current plan happy.  Otherwise it’ll ruin your life.
  2. Get rid of the noise:  the end of the year is looming and we’re going into a soul-crushingly busy time of year.  So be more disciplined and focused on what’s important.  A specific example:  many marketers are baffled by the social media noise.  They feel the pressure of Facebook likes, Tweeting, microblogs, podcasts, IM, SMS, YouTube, Foursquare, FB Places, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr….aaaahhhhhh!  Don’t get me wrong, social media is important and new options are added hourly it seems.  So all the more reason to get rid of the SM noise:  clarify your brand positioning first, then decide what is the right channel or three to get your message out there.  Forget everything else.

So Happy New Year EIM readers, we’re glad to be back!