What Canada’s performance at the Olympics can teach us about brand inspiration

By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar

The global take on the Canadian brand: quiet, reserved, a tad boring. UNTIL WE NAILED IT IN THE OLYMPICS! From coast to coast, in bars and homes, Canadians got up at the crack of dawn (or in the case of the West coast, stayed up until dawn) to watch our men’s hockey team win gold. And in that last game of the Olympics we not only raised our hands and cheered loud and proud for the boys, we also cheered for the girls’ hockey team, for our double gold in curling, for Patrick Chan, for the cross-country coach who helped a Russian skier when his skis broke and for the Molson Canadian Beer Fridge that was the envy of all those without a Canadian passport. The list goes on.

At the end of the 16 days our Canadian brand showed well. We proved to the world that we are in fact passionate, talented, hardworking, kind and, well a little whacky; and that we’re not afraid to show our love for our country and its athletes.

So the lessons is this: does your brand have the same passion, energy and unique twist that sets itself apart? Does it have the fans that will do anything to show their support? Like our athletes, brands must inspire, excite and energize yet stay to true to the core of what sets them apart. Your fans will love you forever if you do. 2018 Winter Olympics, here we come!