Lessons on how to win through humour.

By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar

UFC, NASCAR, NFL…pfffttt! That’s for pretty boys with slick agents and big endorsement dollars. The biggest thing to hit the extreme sports scene is Ferret-Legging. Only real men with colossal cojones and the strength of a pissed off Kodiak bear can endure this sport. Here’s the gist: players, wearing only a pair of loose pants that are tied at the waist and the ankles, (operative word: only. No Jockey shorts allowed) insert a fully clawed-and-toothed ferret into said pants, let go and stand in front of a judge for as long as possible. No drugs or alcohol allowed (for either the competitor or the ferret). The man who can withstand the bloody and brutal scratching, nibbling and rubbing the longest is declared the victor. The world record is 5 hours and 30 minutes of “keepin’ ’em down,” as they say in ferret-legging circles. In the spirit of gender equality, an attempt to introduce a female version—ferret busting, in which female contestants introduced ferrets down their shirts—proved unsuccessful.

APRIL FOOLS!!! Or maybe not… Newsy: Bizarre Sport: Ferret Legging

Luke and I were talking about April Fool’s Day and wondering why no one “owns” it. Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day…all high jacked by marketers. Why not April Fool’s? After all, it’s a free ticket to have some fun and laughs. So it got us thinking about which brands could own this festive day: brands that fit the Court Jester archetype, that are not afraid to laugh at themselves. Here’s our list, plus a few brilliant, if we say so ourselves, suggestions on communication angles they could take April 1, 2013:

IKEA – You’re right, it IS Swedish for crap!

Ally Bank – Keep your damn money, it’s safer under your mattress anyway.

Pepsi – Good point, that Coke stuff is pretty darn good!

Kraft Dinner – Mom, would it kill you to get off the couch and cook a decent meal for your kids once in a while?

Red Bull – We’re tired too. Enjoy a new Blue Puppy and chill the hell out.

Dorito’s – You can’t guess the mystery chip flavour? Look at the ingredient list!

Koodo – Please don’t call our customer service line today, we just don’t want to hear it.

The lesson? Have a sense of humour. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Your consumers sure don’t.