Learning from brands that live with passion and purpose.

By Luke Sklar and Amber Hudson

Continuing with the theme of sending us a challenge, one of the topics fired over, gleefully I`m sure, was….



Oh sure, don`t send us an easy topic like poodles or lunchmeat.  But up for any challenge, Luke and I charged at this with very non-nihilistic gusto.  First, a definition please (this is the best one I could find.  Others practically melted my brain): nihilism refers to the experience of having lost a sense of meaning or purpose in life. (http://www.englisharticles.info/).  How does this tie into business, you ask?  Well I`ll tell you:

Any person or brand who lacks passion and purpose, will eventually fail.  Coffee Time, Levi`s, Sears, Tiger Woods, Motorola to name a few examples.  Next time you walk the grocery store you`ll see 100s of purpose-lacking brands by the time you hit aisle 5.  If you`re brand lacks clarity, vision, discipline, passion and purpose it, my friend, suffers from classic nihilism.

On the sunny side, every great brand has meaning and purpose.    The people who run these brands wake up every single day to fulfill their customers` lives and it shines through the brands:

  • Aspirational pursuit of perfection – Nike
  • Inspire and nurture the human spirit – Starbucks
  • For the love of dogs – Pedigree
  • Creating magical experiences – Disney

Put aside your analytics, gross margins, P&Ls for a moment and take some time to find that inner passion, that sense of meaning that will drive you and your brand to success.

And hey, nihilism, shmilism, there’s no room for this attitude in the world of marketing!

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