Yet another lesson from Justin Bieber.

By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar

We here at EIM are your destination for all things Bieber. Well, our friend has been going through some ups and downs lately. Mainly downs: the break up with Selena Gomez, collapsing during a performance then tweeting half-naked pictures of himself in the hospital, getting booed after arriving 2 hours late to a concert…shall I go on? Okay, one more.

You’ve probably seen the image that looks like someone putting a kid in a car seat.

These two images could be a PSA: this is your brand…and this is your brand when it starts to believe its own bull. As we’ve said in the past, we love Justin; he’s a talented, small town boy who worked his ass off because he loves music. We want him to succeed. But could this be the beginning of the end we predicted? We hope not but he’s 3 goof-ups away from pulling a Charlie Sheen. Sure he can course correct, but he’s running out of time.

So what’s the latest lesson from the Biebs? When your brand is powerful, people don’t tell you the truth, everyone starts to drink the same Kool Aid. You need to take a long hard look in the mirror and surround yourself with honest people who have your brand in their best interest. You must never forget what got you to #1 in the first place, you must consistently refresh and you must always bring greatness. Don’t become like Justin and start Beliebing your own bull.