Lessons on how successful brands accept their limitations.

By Amber Husdon and Luke Sklar

mind·ful·nessthe state of being aware of something.

At SW&A we’ve embraced the practice of Mindfulness, and a big part of it is Acceptance.  We have the freedom to change things for the better but there are some things we just have to accept so we can face it with clarity and peace of mind.  In short…control the controllable.

Have a look at this chart from The Potential Project.  Can you do something about a situation?  Great, then do it.  If you can’t, well then accept the situation and move on.

We think brands need to start practicing more Acceptance; meaning brand managers need to be clear about:

  • What your brand is: what it is great at, how is it truly distinctive
  • And what your brand isn’t: what it can never do, what it can never achieve

Have a look at struggling brands, they have not embraced acceptance: Blackberry can never be a consumer brand, Wal Mart can never be stylish, McDonald’s can never be healthy, premium food (even with their new sirloin burger).  Successful brands have accepted their weakness as a strength:  Levi’s finally figured out it will never set trends, Domino’s admitted its pizza sucked and the Raptors will never be American.

The lesson is simple.  Cut the crap and accept what your brand is and isn’t.  Trust us, it’s super liberating and you’ll have more energy to spend on meaningful ways to grow your business.