Lesson for Marketers on how to find something meaningful and motivating to say.

By Luke Sklar and Amber Hudson

Sure, we’ve covered Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen and Rebecca Black.  But even though we’re here to prove that everything IS marketing, there are some stories that are just too damn easy.  Case in point:

Weiner Gate:  Seriously dude, WTF?  Even if the person was named Smith it’s still too ridiculous.  But Weiner…? 17 words and I’ve officially spent too much time on him.

Royal Wedding:  It was gorgeous, it was sophisticated, it was the perfect wedding.  But leave it up to the media to swiftly shift focus to the absurd hats before the couple even entered the honeymoon suite.  Can’t we stay on “nice” for a while?

Arnold’s Love Child:  Enough already!!!  Good thing we don’t have total recall because there are probably 56 skeletons in muscle man’s closet.

IMF Sex Scandal:  The jury hasn’t even started on Dominique Strauss-Kahn.  But what’s the one image we all have in our heads:  the man doing the perp walk.  A handcuffed DSK is splashed across the news and we immediately presume guilt.  France is pissed.  Do you know in France the media is not allowed to show someone being taken away in handcuffs?

RIM:  The vultures are circling, drawn by the smell of death.  Come on!  Isn’t RIM part of the soul of the Canadian tech industry?  Didn’t the Queen meander uncomfortably through their facility?  Rather than fuel the flames shouldn’t the media show some support and help RIM get back on its feet?

Vancouver Riots:   Too much attention was paid to the drunk dudes smashing cars and windows and not enough to the fine citizens of Vancouver who banded together to clean up the mess.  We love Vancouver for this.

So what can these stories that are grossly sensationalized, covered to death, way too easy, teach marketers?

The world loves an illicit story.  And as they say in media, if it bleeds it leads.  But great brands don’t settle for the cheap date, no matter how easy.  Many brands with nothing meaningful to say sing it or steal a celebrity.  Resist!  Get your hands dirty, dig deep and find that great break through story within.

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