How job trends can forecast the future.

By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar

GDP? Consumer confidence? Housing starts? Snore…sorry I just nodded off.  But this is important people!

Okay marketers, let’s be honest and admit that forecasting is perhaps the greatest weakness in our craft. (Yes, even the ancient Mayans struggled with this one but let’s check back in 2012).  Perhaps obvious but our thesis is that job trends paint the future.  Did you know, (according to the US department of labour), that:

  1. Nine of the top ten paying jobs are medical? (e.g. Surgeon #1, Anesthesiologist #2, Psychiatrist # 8).
  2. And the top paying job not needing a degree? …Funeral Director.

This one slice of analysis paints the unstoppable trend of our aging customer base.

Want more? (and perhaps you should if your customers are typesetters or telephone operators…).  Think of jobs that make life easier, save time, lower costs and make us feel we are good citizens… that’s where the money will flow.  Are you ready for the one of the fastest growing job titles in marketing?

“Data Visualizer”

What the _? Not a programmer, social media guru, designer…nope…a “Data Visualizer”.

So what for marketers?

  • Decision makers are drowning in data but thirsty for clarity.
  • In the next millennium those who can tell stories that connect and persuade will be the winners.
  • The four screens of computer, television, smartphones and tablets demand compelling and meaningful visual impact.

To illustrate these points, here’s a great blog post by our colleague Manoj on how to turn data into visual treasures.  Go get ’em storytellers!

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