Lessons inspired by zombies on the benefit of trend-watching.

By Kerry Roberts

I have to admit the gruesome attacks of the last few weeks give me a serious case of the goosebumps.   Despite recent hits like the “The Walking Dead” and “Zombieland”, I personally take very little comfort in the fact that the human race may be better prepared than it’s ever been for an uprising of the Undead.   And I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when officials linked these cannibalistic attacks to…Bath Salts?  (a whole other bloggable head-scratcher!)

In the spirit of Luke & Amber’s provocative blog “Everything is Marketing” we had to ask…is there a marketing angle to any of this nonsense?    We didn’t have to look far to find the following headline by CBS News Detroit “Zombie Bullets in High Demand following Flesh Eating Attacks”.  That’s right.  An ammunitions company called Hornady Manufacturing is fully exploiting the Zombie Apocalypse with their Zombie Max bullets.    For anyone also afraid of the Undead as I am, I can let you in on this secret admitted by their President before you rush off to purchase…the bullets are no different than any other type of bullet.   While we do respect the tragedy surrounding these incidents, we can’t help but applaud the Marketing savvy of Hornady for exploiting the moment, and our fears (a most powerful motivator).

Let me leave you with their tag line and perhaps a few more goose-bumps:

Be Prepared. Make Death Permanent” (I know, awesome isn’t it?)