Tap into Canadian pride to grow your brand.

By Amber Hudson 

Ten years ago, it was hard to fathom a successful season in Toronto, let alone an action-packed All-Star weekend.”

ESPN posted that line in reference to the NBA All-Star Game that took place in Toronto over the weekend; the first time ever outside the United States.  All the Drake-hype aside, our city has never looked cooler (or colder. As an aside, in reference to the record breaking cold this weekend, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver reminded folks fellow Canadian Dr. James Naismith founded the sport because “he thought there was an activity needed to keep young boys, young men active on these very cold winter days”).

We’ve officially gone from a I’m-from-Toronto-sorry inferiority complex to Hells-yeah-I’m-from-Toronto! swagger.   There is definitely something in the lake water.  The Raptors’ We The North galvanized a country as did the Toronto Bat Flip! Blue Jays, we’ve got a rock star for a Prime Minister, a beer that makes us proud to say I Am Canadian, we welcome refugees with open arms and we’re about to legalize pot.  Oh do stop, it’s getting embarrassing now!

We are no longer just showing up to the party.  We ARE the party. 

Canadian brands listen up…lead from strength by tapping into this powerful Canadian pride.  We traditionally leave the chest-thumping for our friends south of the border.  But for Brand Canada and for Canadian brands we are now shouting our support from the rafters.

[And lest we forget Justin Bieber, who won his very first Grammy on Monday night.  Watch next week for our latest Bieber post.]