More lessons from Justin Bieber.

By Amber Hudson and Luke Sklar

EIM is your one-stop-shop for Justin Bieber.  Through his highs and lows he’s given us great marketing lessons: have a story that resonates, know you’re on a journey, know your customer, don’t drink your own Kool Aid.  Well, seems like the Biebs has turned to spiking his Kool Aid.  A couple years ago we predicted the following:

Are we at the start of that dotted line?  We’re still holdin’ on for JB to succeed.  But the grasp is increasingly tenuous what with the jail time, a DUI, egging (seriously?), drag racing, spitting and other miscellaneous obnoxious behavior.  We still love him, but he’s a brat.  Let’s flip our heads to Taylor Swift; another young, very talented super star who has, so far, kept squeaky clean.  But looking at her behaviour at the Grammy’s, what with all the head banging (next up, Taylor sponsors Advil!) and everyone-look-at-me!!! dancing, and I’m starting to get the sense Justin has passed her some of that Kool Aid.

Thing is, we love these kids.  They are talented, smart, hard working.  But there’s no excuse for excessive brattery.  The lessons for them, and your brand, is have a great product, know your role, be humble and at the end of the day, remember what brought you to the party.