A great portfolio competes against the market, not itself

Whether defending a leading position or revitalizing a sluggish brand, we help our clients build and maintain strong portfolios by identifying who to win with, defining a clear action plan and measuring success. We help our clients amplify winning insights from one brand to the next.

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Great portfolios are a symphony of great brands – and great brands know who to win with. We help our clients  strengthen their portfolios by using data and strategic facilitation to position each brand with unique consumers or usage occasions.

How might we deliver this? We design and facilitate positioning work sessions for our clients. Whether high level brand or banner positioning or more focused product positioning, our team works to design a framework that is both clear and actionable.

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Brands may operate independently but measurement doesn’t have to. We design high level ‘Indicator’ studies to identify relative strengths and weaknesses and guide portfolio priorities.

How might we deliver this? We help our clients design efficient and actionable tracking studies, enabling them to measure and compare brand health among a number of brands or banners.

Given important differences between industry and company, we customize our approach to each client. Take a look at one of our related case studies to find out how we’ve done it in the past.


A New Frontier of Beer

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Developing a winning portfolio strategy for Molson

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Need Help Identifying Who to Win With?

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