We love sharing good news and today we’re delighted to share news of two promotions within our team!

Barb PaszynCongratulations to Barb Paszyn who has been promoted to Director! Barb is a talented researcher whose leadership and expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research has been instrumental in helping her clients solve challenging problems to grow their brands.

A recent winner of the QRCA Young Professional’s Grant and a finalist in the 2020 Qually Awards, Barb is also responsible for founding and leading the first Canadian chapter of Women In Research. Barb has been an active member of the engagement and fun teams, helping the broader team remain engaged and supported on their way to helping others succeed. And, she’s been generous in sharing her expertise as part of the Sklar Wilton & Associates blog team. Check out a few of her posts!


Patrick O'Kell

Congratulations to Patrick O’Kell who has been promoted to Director! Patrick has honed his strategic marketing skills by helping global clients unlock growth and build stronger brands. Some of his key accomplishments include helping a Fortune 500 company align its global brand footprint to create a more meaningful purpose for consumers worldwide. He also helped a global beverage company move beyond their core business to innovate and push into health and wellness beverages.

Internally, Patrick has been a key member of our Artificial Intelligence team, uncovering new and innovative ways that AI can be implemented within our clients’ industries. He’s also helped our associates become more knowledgeable about the future of AI in marketing and business applications so they can help their clients evolve and become disruptors, not disruptees. Take a peek at Patrick’s blog post about chatbots to get a head’s up on how AI can be used to improve the customer experience in a wide variety of industries.


And lastly, after working with Mike Armson, a newer member of our Research and Analytics team, we realized that his unique skill set of the future warranted him a better title. As our new Data Scientist, Mike helps clients solve business challenges by applying his analytical and data science skills. You’ll understand his title change even better after reading a few of the posts he’s written for our blog.


Congratulations to Barb and Patrick on your well-deserved promotions!