We are pleased to share that Ashley Fernandes and Meredith Square have been promoted.

Meredith Square, our new Business Manager, has been with us for more than 16 years, first as a Project Manager, and then as our Office Services Coordinator. Meredith is responsible for managing all our financials as well as our HR information system, benefits, recruiting, and onboarding. In March of this year, Meredith seamlessly transitioned all these functions overnight to operate smoothly in our new virtual environment. Her knowledge of our business, attention to detail, and conscientious approach have saved us more than a few times. We’re particularly grateful to her for recently discovering a payroll glitch that would have left us high and dry! 

Ashley Fernandes, our new Operations Manager, has been a valuable member of the Sklar Wilton & Associates team for more than 12 years, previously as Office Services Coordinator. She oversees the administration of our technology infrastructure and website, manages our facility, and supports Meredith with financial management.  Most impressively, at the same time the pandemic forced our team to work away from the office, she successfully completed transitioning the entire company to a cloud data management system. We love Ashley’s proactive ability to keep us working by keeping our technology working!

Congratulations Meredith and Ashley!