By Jennifer Marley

Ok, I admit it. I’m over 50. Not very far over… but still.

Turning 50 is very different than turning 40. Women I know approached 40 with trepidation and a fear of growing older. By 50, growing older is a bit of a fait accompli.

There is something very ‘freeing’ about 50. Women become free to be who they really are. They seem more comfortable in their own skins. They are bolder. I even recall seeing a group of 50 somethings running around a bar daring each other to do stuff.

So when I saw Chico’s #HowBoldAreYou movement, of course I clicked on it. Chico’s, a women’s clothing and accessories retailer, has absolutely nailed the ‘gift of 50’ with this new brand messaging. And its customers are responding in an overwhelmingly positive way. As you can see in this Facebook screen cap, women are engaged in social media in a way not often seen among the 50+ group.

Chico’s has recognized that Canadians are an untapped market among older women who want to wear today’s styles. They are currently offering duty free, low cost Canadian shipping, a great strategy in keeping with their campaign. Check out Statistics Canada’s projected growth by age demonstrating that there are now more seniors than children, and this trend will continue over the next fifty years. Chico’s has identified a great target audience to grow with.