In a podcast with Nancy MacKay of MacKay CEO Forums, Sarah shares our company’s journey with mental health, and identifies some key indicators that leaders and co-workers can watch for and actions they can take to support themselves and their fellow employees.

Sarah also shares why Sklar Wilton created and launched Headway, a movement to promote and support healthy minds at work, and talks about the on-line resources and implementation guides the program has created to help other workplaces start the conversation about mental health. Those tools can be downloaded here:

    • The Business Case for Healthy Minds at Work offers hard facts that show the positive financial impact of implementing mental health programs in the workplace.
    • The Resource Roadmap shares information and links to many Canadian organizations that specialize in supporting mental health in the workplace.
    • The Employer Guide provides a more integrated and holistic way of thinking about workplace mental wellness.

Or listen to the full podcast here