The Roller Coaster of a Pregnancy Journey

Developing the First Response Strategic Plan

The Roller Coaster of a Pregnancy Journey Developing the First Response Strategic Plan


Situation: First Response, the leader in the fertility diagnostics category, offers a range of pregnancy and ovulation tests. The brand had commanded a premium price which focused on scientific claims and a neutral brand voice. However, First Response needed a proactive strategy to remain the leader in a field where competitors were stepping up their game with more aggressive pricing, improved claims, and incremental investment.


Tactics: In a multi-stage discovery process, SW&A conducted a knowledge audit and stakeholder interviews to understand what relevant information already existed and where gaps existed. We facilitated a strategic work session to engage key stakeholders and tease out hypotheses for how to build a strong, sustainable brand. These hypotheses informed the strategic plan and learning agenda.

Grounded in the interviews and work sessions, SW&A then conducted a quantitative consumer segmentation study to identify a key strategic decision – who must First Response win with to maintain its leadership position.

Lastly, we conducted deep-dive interviews with consumers and healthcare partners. The discovery process illuminated the highly emotional nature of the pregnancy journey of which the pregnancy test is just one part.


Impact: This project resulted in a consumer-led strategic plan for First Response as well as a foundation to demonstrate First Response leadership among customers. In addition, the cross-functional team gained actionable insights to inform consumer communications, in-store execution, and innovation efforts.