Illuminating Customer Segments

Diaries, interviews, and super sessions within the quick service restaurant industry

Diaries, interviews, and super sessions within the quick service restaurant industry


Situation: The brand management team needed to deepen their understanding and bring to life three valuable and under-served target groups discovered in a segmentation study. They also needed to identify the key opportunities that would drive incremental visits and spend within each target group.


Tactics: Using a hybrid of qualitative research techniques, we helped the client deeply understand the three customer segments. Diary techniques, online boards, and ethnographic interviews were used to paint a rich and differentiating portrait of attitudes towards eating and restaurants, and lifestyle characteristics for each segment, including with whom they visited, as well as what, when, where, why and how they purchased items.

Super sessions, a co-creation approach in which both customers and senior leaders from the brand participated together in intense facilitated sessions, allowed the brand team to interact with customers in a safe and transparent environment conducive to sharing both positive and negative ideas. The sessions were structured with a series of individual and small team activities facilitated by a team of highly skilled moderators. These sessions identified numerous opportunities for growth.


Impact: The results were packaged in an easy to digest format that helped new employees and senior leadership alike. This included impactful storytelling incorporating relevant images, engaging stories, and high-level graphics making the complex stories more personal and relatable. Further, with the consent of the participants, a series of videos featuring customers was created to bring the segments to life for team members who were not directly involved in the research. These outputs served to engage the rest of the organization. Several opportunities for growth have already been implemented.