Game On!

Increasing the impact of a CTC shared services team



Situation: Given the importance of sport to CTC and its banners, the organization has a dedicated shared services team whose role is activating and amplifying the company’s sizable investment. In 2013, the Sport Partnership team identified an opportunity to increase their profile at CTC by becoming more proactive in the development and communication of their annual plan.


Insight: Sklar Wilton was engaged to facilitate an entire team of stakeholders, many of whom were new to strategy development. Together, the team co-created its strategy and ideal process for working with the banners to identify investment opportunities and develop the best programs to activate them. By engaging the full team in the strategy and process development, everyone felt committed and excited to begin. With a clear plan to win, the team commissioned a proprietary study to track the effectiveness of their sport partnerships.


Impact: Today, the Sport Partnership Scorecard helps the team make fact-based decisions about their portfolio and provides a forum for them to share and celebrate their successes across CTC and its banners.