Finding a Company Purpose

Qualitative Online Discussion Boards Help Create A Winning Corporate Culture

Using discrete choice and TURF to maximize a product launch



Situation: The organization maintained several banners across the country, each one having a unique mission and purpose. In order to set the stage for future growth, the company needed to unify employees under a common company purpose and develop an internal rallying cry.


Tactics: Because employees were based across the country, in different time zones, and on different work schedules, an online discussion board was determined to be the most effect technique to listen to a broad variety of people. The discussion board facilitated one-to-one interviews with employees at different levels (e.g., part-time employees, managers, executives), different roles (e.g., cashiers, accountants, human resources, information technology), and different geographies (e.g., New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia).

Using a carefully designed discussion and interview guide incorporating standard questioning techniques as well as projective techniques, skilled moderators uncovered the unique characteristics that made the company, across all banners, a great place to work. They discovered the shared values and purpose that excited employees and made them want to come to work every day. From more than fifty interviews and hundreds of pages of interviews, the results coalesced into common themes.


Impact: The common themes allowed the client to develop a new company purpose that was relevant to employees from all of the banners. The organization was finally positioned to tackle a new stage of growth.