Codifying a Canadian Success Model for the World

Celebrating and sharing the Canadian market success of Temptations across Mars Global



Situation: The Canadian Mars cat food business was growing but not at the same pace as the category. Cat treats were dominated by three brands and Mars was not competing in this segment. Across the global organization, there was not a model Mars Canada could follow to win in the cat treat category.


Insight: Early on, Sklar Wilton facilitated discussions with key Mars Pet Care stakeholders to tease out the hypotheses of how to win in the Canadian cat treats market. Insights from quantitative usage occasions research were mapped in a simple and impactful model, co-created with Mars. The model included functional and emotional benefits that have been the foundation of Temptations growth plans. Later on, the team developed strong TV copy that exceeded communication action standards. Most recently, in-store display principals have been created to drive impulse purchase.


Impact: Over 15 countries have launched Temptations leveraging the Canadian model and using the Canadian TV copy with positive results. In Canada today, Temptations is the #1 cat treats brand and boasts the highest household penetration among all pet food brands.

Sklar Wilton has been a true partner in the journey of making Temptations a successful brand in Canada. They helped us create a model that has been widely used in other markets and serves the current and future brand portfolio mapping.

– Christine Cruz-Clarke, Senior Brand Manager