Bread is Good Food

Educating consumers about the benefits of bread



Situation: It was a perfect storm of combined challenges; the bread category was declining and bread was seen as unhealthy. Competitors were taking share from Canada Bread and they didn’t have an innovation pipeline that was relevant to consumers.


Insight: Through facilitation and ethnographic research, Sklar Wilton found consumers had a love/hate relationship with bread. While they’re aware of the nutritional benefits of bread and love to eat it, they’re worried about carbs and gluten. Consumers needed permission to eat and enjoy bread. A winning growth strategy would need to speak to both the love and hate camps.


Impact: Brand initiatives like the Bread is Good Food platform, encouraged the love of bread and led to campaigns like Get Nutrition Naturally; launching a series of innovative new products. One of those products, Dempster’s Vegetable Bread was the number one innovation in commercial bread. Ad tracking results were the best in Dempster’s history. To challenge the haters, the Healthy Grains Institute was founded, providing credible research about the benefits of bread and at the same time myth busting the negatives.

By working with Sklar Wilton through all aspects as our research partner, we were able to gather game-changing insights that powered our innovation pipeline, built breakthrough and relevant communication campaigns and changed our business performance.

– Bryan McCourt, Senior Marketing Director, Canada Bread