We interrupt your regular scheduled programming (Brands We Love) for a special message (Campaigns We Love).

By Jeanie Hendrie

In its latest ad, Weight Watchers abandons the stand-by ‘Before and After’ format for something a little catchier. Playing off the classic children’s tune “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, Weight Watchers remixes the remaining lyrics to deliver a song and dance many of us know far too well.

If you’re happy and you know it…eat a snack.

If you’re sad and you know it…eat a snack.

If you’re bored and you know it…eat a snack.


Rinse and repeat for the full spectrum of human emotion. The point being that when we’re having feelings of any kind, many of us tend to enjoy or drown them with a side of fries.

The insight around emotional eating is both powerful and topical. It hits on the elusive ‘universal truth’ – the kind that made this marketer look up from her chip bowl and wonder ‘why haven’t I seen this before?’ In marketing speak, the ad addresses the emotional benefits of its service rather than the obvious physical ones – it’s not about being skinny, it’s about learning to manage cravings and reclaiming control of our fast food conditioned minds and bodies. Moreover, it broadens the Weight Watchers target from that classic ‘Before’ picture to pretty much anyone on the planet.

Congratulations to Weight Watchers for its fresh take on January’s most pervasive subject matter. As a marketer, it’s always exciting to watch an established brand reinvent itself. And speaking of being excited, who else is in the mood for a muffin?