By Sarah Whitty

My wedding is in t-minus 5 months!  As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog, Modernizing the Wedding Industry, I am diligently working to plan a wedding for over 200 guests, remotely. My wedding will be in St. John’s, Newfoundland, where I am from. I’m coordinating a wedding week of events, so that our visitors from Ottawa, where my fiancé is from, and Toronto, where we currently live, get to see Newfoundland in all of its glory. Given this undertaking, I’m sure you can understand that I’m looking to cut corners in any way possible.

As I’ve already revealed, I am a Type A person, so needless to say, the day after I got engaged, I created a Pinterest page to essentially plan my wedding through images and links sourced from all over the internet. This includes everything from “How to ask your Wedding Party ”, perfect dresses for your body type, shoes, accessories, center pieces & table settings and everything in between, all the way down to “how to pee in your wedding dress”, which is ultimately what keeps me up at night.  

I know what you’re thinking! These images are from magazines and lifestyle websites and you will never find that perfect wedding invitation, or hair piece that you fell in love with on Pinterest. WRONG! 

Welcome to the world of Etsy! Here you can purchase handmade items from all over the globe and you can find almost anything on there. I’ve been able to order my cake topper, customized wedding invitation template, and flower girl dress so far.  The most amazing part is, if you can’t find it, there is a good chance you can find someone to make it for you. For example, I am looking for a very special, very customized, very sentimental gift for my husband-to-be (that’s weird to say). I haven’t been able to find exactly what I want, but have found multiple people on Etsy who can make it for me, affordably and with a quick turnaround.

Safe to say, between these two amazing digital innovations, it’s made planning my wedding light years easier. I no longer have to worry about sending my mom to Michael’s on a wild goose chase; I can simply order it and have it delivered to her house.

Bride-ing in the Digital age is a whole new ball game.