We love them, we love them not.

By Jeanie Hendrie and Melanie Hollingsworth

Ask someone about a brand they love and you always get the same answer.

Welcome to SW+A’s newest column, Brands We Love. We think it’s time to give the non-Apples of the world their day in the sun. This column will serve as a bite-sized brand celebration – a tip of our hats to lesser known brands we admire and a few words to explain exactly why we do.

What makes a brand loveable? Great eyes, nice hair, athletic build. Wait a moment, wrong column. In all sincerity, the qualities that make a brand loveable are not far off from those that make the ones we love, well, loveable too.

A strong brand is a promise of future expectations.

A strong brand delivers on expectations. It doesn’t “kind of” deliver, or sometimes deliver, a strong brand consistently delivers – every day, at every touch point.

A strong brand makes a personal connection with customers.

No decision in life is ever only rational – and the same rings true for brands. A strong brand has a unique emotional connection with its customers.

A strong brand is your behaviours.

It’s not what you say, it’s what you do. A strong brand has equally strong core values; and a set of behaviours that transcend it, extending to its employees and customers.

Whether it’s from our brands or our dates, we expect something similar – someone we can rely on, a person that “gets” us and somebody who doesn’t run away when they discover that we colour code our wardrobe.

And in the end, although it’s simple, it’s also rare. But let’s hope not too rare…people, we have a blog to maintain.

As we continue our column, we ask you to help us with inspiration. Share examples of unexpected, lesser known or smaller brands that you think are doing great things.