Inspiration on how to capture attention.

By Melanie Hollingsworth

For this blog we try to not talk about ‘bigger, more obvious’ great brands but after seeing the latest video for Virgin America, there’s no way I could avoid recognizing the brand’s clever way of capturing attention.

In a world of same old, same old airlines, Virgin has always been one that stands out. From their upper class, onboard bars to their salt and pepper shakers that were stolen so often that they actually acknowledged it right on the shakers, they are unique, different and even exciting.

So what does an airline do to capture attention at the one time that they know absolutely no one is paying attention (i.e. during the safety video)? They turn it into a modern day video complete with dancing and rapping children. If this doesn’t capture your attention then really nothing will!

So beyond the video, why do I love Virgin Airlines?

1)      They make the experience memorable: Whether it’s the video, the salt and pepper shakers, their lounges, etc. Virgin focuses on the experience which makes expensive tickets and the constant barrage of new charges a little less painful.

2)      It’s the small things: When I flew Virgin Atlantic, they had a water fountain where I could fill up my bottle. As a big water drinker, I was so appreciative to be able to fill up when I wanted to rather than waiting for the drink cart to come around and that sticks with me to this day.

3)      They’re modern: Recently we were trying to come up with a list of service brands that would appeal to a younger generation and we didn’t manage to come up with many. That makes Virgin’s offering and brand even more powerful as Millennials continue to spend more and to influence those who are trying to be young and hip.

Not only is this video creative and entertaining but if nothing else, Virgin can now rest assured that their passengers will be the best informed when it comes to their own safety!