By Jeanie Hendrie

Call it an ‘Idea We Love’ as this new product has yet to hit the market. When it does, I suspect it’ll be Brand Love at first sight. Spritz, a new speed-reading app, has ‘reimagined reading’ with plans to ‘change the way people read and make communication faster, easier and more effective’.

Like many great products, the premise is simple. Traditional reading forces your eyes across pages and paragraphs. Your mind has to process each word individually as well as the context around it. And it’s the context bit (matching the word to a sentence or paragraph) that slows us down. Spritz eliminates this barrier by revealing one word at a time. As the user becomes more comfortable, they can increase their speed. And before you know it, you’ll all but need to open a book before its entire contents are downloaded to the microchip inside your brain. Wait…did I skip a century?

Spritz is still working through its go to market plan so until it hits ‘shelves’, here are 3 reasons why I am in (brand) lust:

  • Spritz actually works. In the 5 minutes I spent bringing myself up to ‘speed’ with their simple demo, Spritz gave me the only thing better than a reason to believe – the confidence of knowing.
  • Spritz solves a real consumer problem. Alright marketers, how many times have you sat through a trend presentation and heard that consumers are time-pressed? That’s a drinking game none of wants to play.
  • Spritz gets demand generation. These people have gone public prior to launch for a reason. Hundreds of blogs written and millions of conversations around the globe make this new app truly buzz worthy. People are already clamouring to get their hands on it…and I’d put Amazon first in that line with a licensing deal for Kindle.

With vague details on its release, Spritz makes no promises to be in our hands – or on our devices – anytime soon. Once in market, we promise to give this new app a shot and let you know whether our lust has blossomed into full-blown brand love