It’s late Friday morning and I’m listening to music to get fired up!

By Melanie Hollingsworth

Online music streaming sites are nothing new. And though I’ve been talking about them for years with clients and friends, I’ve never bothered to try one. Then a few weeks ago, sick of my own music library, I decided to try Songza out.

Now not only am I questioning why I haven’t partaken earlier but I’m so excited about Songza that it’s a brand I’m ready to proclaim I love!

So why have I fallen so hard, so fast?

1) They really understand me! Songza’s biggest feature – the Music Concierge – opens their site and offers playlist suggestions based on the time of day and what you’re doing, e.g. working out, getting fired up, working, etc. Sure these are broad groups but every time I go to the site I can’t help but think wow, they’ve read my mind about what I need!

2) They strove to be different: Our world is filled with “same, same” brands who don’t offer anything different from their competitors. What I learned about Songza is that they pulled their original service since they felt it was not different enough from others, then spent a year developing different iterations until they were satisfied.

3) They saw the importance of Canada: A lot of the streaming sites don’t yet offer service in Canada but Songza launched here in 2012 and reached 1 million downloads here within 70 days.

For those who haven’t yet checked it out, I would definitely recommend Songza. You can download the app or use it on your computer. Their playlists are numerous and very creative. My favourite so far…Songs To Raise Your Kids To!