$400 Fan – maybe not so ludicrous after all!

By Melanie Hollingsworth and Jeanie Hendrie 

If you had asked me if I would ever spend $400 on a fan, the answer unequivocally would have been “no”.  If you showed me the new, ultra-cool (no pun intended) fan from Dyson, my answer would have been “damn, I wish I didn’t have air-conditioning”. Because yes, the company that is known for improving all types of appliances (vacuums, hand dryers) has struck again with their no-blades, sleek looking fan.

This innovation reinforced for me that Dyson is a brand to be loved because they:

1) Turn the ordinary extraordinary: They make boring appliances both cool and conversation worthy

2) Break the rules: Without fail, every product they launch is different, unique and challenges the norm for the category

3) Are problem solvers (which can also be your competitive advantage): Since the beginning, James Dyson’s focus has been about finding and solving problems and annoyances with existing products. True to form every Dyson appliance solves a problem. Have you ever seen small toddler fingers around a standard-blade fan or spent precious shopping time under those terrible mall washroom hand-dryers?

My husband has promised me a Dyson vacuum when we have a place with enough carpet to justify it. Maybe I’ll also look for one that can justify a fan purchase as well!