The Right It: Why So Many Ideas Fail and How to Make Sure Yours Succeed, by Alberto Savoia, HarperCollins, 2019

Reviewed by Gloria Watson, From QRCA Views, Fall 2019

Right It book by Alberto Savoia, HarperCollins, 2019

Ninety percent of all new product launches are doomed to fail. Alberto Savoia, former Director of Engineering at Google and Stanford Business School professor, says failure is a monster that is a never ceasing, always nipping creature that is hungry to swallow up your next new product launch. And if you don’t confront this monster directly at the beginning of the innovation process, your new product idea will be doomed.

But what if you had a secret weapon? A sword to slay the failure monster? Savoia has positioned his new book, The Right It, as the monster-slaying sword that will help give you a better chance to evade failure. But Savoia is a realist and appreciates that no approach is foolproof, and thus the book comes with a very overt caveat stating that neither the author nor publisher is responsible for any losses for those who try to apply these methods to launch a product.

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