A blog series on Shopper Marketing.

By Cyndi Pyburn

At the close of 2014, many retail predictions became a reality. These ‘truths’ foreshadow things to come in 2015 in the world of Shopper Marketing. Twelve truths:


  1. Omni-channel retailing IS the norm.
  2. Content is king …. marketing MUST educate and engage customers.
  3. Successful retailers gave shoppers more personalized in-store experiences.
  4. Retail sales associates shift from information provider to engagement facilitator.
  5. Loyalty cards made way for customized rewards. Customization IS the norm.
  6. Technology is integrated with bricks & mortar – think tablets, digital display, mobile POS.
  7. Blue-tooth low energy technology allows beacons to communicate with smartphones.
  8. The growth of mobile businesses (pop-up stores) beyond food trucks … fashion, flowers, hair.
  9. The mobile wallet has grown – mobile got a chunk of the payments pie… Paypal, Google Wallet, Dwolla.
  10. The need for speed continues … the ‘always connected’ consumer will apply this to fulfilment demands.
  11. Big data …. truly leveraged (not just talked about) – this measurability has brought new efficiencies and opportunities for retailers and marketers.
  12. Social media marketing in the store impacted product decisions with Pinterest, Instagram and other reviews …. Nordstom using Pinterest to highlight products in their store with a red ‘P’ tag.

If a retailer or marketer is just ‘talking’ about these twelve, I predict 2015 will be a ‘grim’ year.