A blog series on Shopper Marketing

By Cyndi Pyburn

That pop song that goes,  “I’m all about the Bass, no Treble” sung by Meghan Trainor somehow reminds me of shopper marketing.

So much effort is put into the top, or the ‘treble’:

  • The clever advertising campaign
  • The unique offers
  • The promotional tactics
  • The digital display
  • The POS merchandise
  • The call of the beacon

While I am not undermining the importance of these – because they are critically important, however, a strong retail and brand program is all about the foundation… the “bass” or in this instance the ‘base’.   And that foundation is comprised of consistency … consistency across customer journeys, emotional connection with customers and strong communication. Let me explain.

Customer journeys consistency

In a world of multi-channel, multi-touch, consistency can make or break satisfaction with a brand.   The fact is that consistency on the most common customer journeys is an important predictor of overall customer experience and loyalty.

Emotional consistency

Positive customer-experience emotions—encompassing a feeling of trust—are the biggest drivers of satisfaction and loyalty. “A brand I feel close to” and “a brand that I can trust” are top drivers of differentiation on customer experience.