A blog series on Shopper Marketing.

By Cyndi Pyburn

We hear all the time now that Content Marketing IS King. That creating and sharing high quality original content is one of the best online marketing strategies that you can adopt….with the hope that it goes viral because the content is entertaining, connects with your audience on a deep level and sets off so many share-outs in terms of tweets, views, likes.
Properly aligning your product with your target market’s key interests through the creation of high quality content can ramp up a dedicated and enthusiastic fan-base faster than ever previously imagined. Many brands are leading the way with both created and user-generated content across a variety of platforms. I share a few examples:

  • Oreo  – its famed 2013 Super Bowl coo when the lights went out at the Superdome, Oreo tweeted a simple picture that featured only an Oreo cookie with the copy “You can still dunk in the dark”. In a matter of minutes, this brand garnered viral fame.
  • Red Bull – is one of the best content marketing brands around. Aside from creating amazing movies for YouTube, they own the ‘extreme’ market with their team of athletes (and wannabes) doing their ‘thing’ and representing Red Bull along the way.
  • Sport Chek – is Canada’s largest retailer of sports equipment, sports apparel and footwear. They are a strategic brand that uses digital content to their advantage, not only online but in the store as well. The company inspires Canadians and digitally savvy customers to rise to any challenge…..conquer any goal.
  • Airbnb – the brand fills a niche and offers travelers and hosts tips, asks fun questions and keeps you current on Airbnb events on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. But what’s particularly impressive is how each outlet strongly encourages users to share their Airbnb stories and in doing so has created a trustworthy community.
  • General Electric – their story is told through the clever use of Instagram by combining high quality images and masterful captions. They have become skilled at the art of storytelling on this app.
  • GoPro – has used user generated content as the backbone of their marketing strategy. Real life enthusiasts of GoPro share photos and videos of their personal moments and has earned 1.8 million YouTube subscribers.
  • Lego – The $200 million LEGO Movie blockbuster was actually a savvy piece of branded content. All the characters, settings, the entire world is made of a branded product. It might just be the biggest, most high-profile piece of branded content ever made.

Social media moves fast. When real time marketing matches the fast pace of social media, brands can prosper … prosper in terms of awareness, affinity, respect, awe and hopefully sales. 2015 likely promises to be a year where brands more than ever seek to create and share valuable content. Whether that content is being created by the brand, created by its fans or paid influencers, a successful brand’s audience will have some epic brand moments to share. They will earn their share of marketing awards.