A blog series on Shopper Marketing

By Cyndi Pyburn

Dear Bonnie,

What can I say?  We love Hudson’s Bay.  We’ve talked before about the consistent and memorable advertising you have created using your own distinctive voice to keep the brand top-of-mind.  The new product offer in-store from new designers to revamped departments matches customer expectations and avoids disappointment. Clearly, your Hudson’s Bay  brand is trying to balance a more streamlined, modern look as well as giving a nod to its heritage.  A return to your heritage name and coat of arms provides a strong Canadian identity in a competitive world where US rivalries are entering our market.  Now that you’ve nailed awareness and instilled Canadian pride, you continue to march forward with exciting new, fresh product and approaches.  Let’s showcase two.

The proliferation of the famed  Hudson’s Bay wool stripes.  Classic.  This has spawned an entire collection of interesting product.  Strategic ‘pop-up’ stores aim to secure sales from tourists seeking a little bit of Canadiana memorabilia – see their store at Toronto’s Pearson airport.   Known as the  Hudson’s Bay Company Trading Post, this shop offers a hand-picked selection of gifts and souvenirs including classic sweaters for men, women and children, and of course, the iconic Hudson’s Bay Point Wool Blanket – all rooted in quality, style, heritage and craftsmanship and featuring the brand’s famous stripes.

The second is the iconic red Olympic mittens – a runway success at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic games.  Redesigned for 2014, they are bold and bright and now available in all sizes from newborn to adult.  For a small price of $10, one-third of the proceeds are donated to Canadian athletes.


While the journey of the Hudson’s Bay turnaround is not complete, [next challenge:  consistency across key locations], there is no doubt Bonnie, that you can not only help the Bay re-claim its rainbow stripe, but you can also build a super successful brand Canadians are proud to shop at.