Founded in 2005, MacKay CEO Forums rose out of the realization that CEOs and executives in a wide range of industries across Canada face common challenges and could benefit from the power of peer groups in tackling their issues.

As a purpose based company ourselves, we were drawn to it. There is a natural connection between our mission to help others succeed and that of MacKay Forums, which is to populate the world with inspiring leaders. Our founder, Luke Sklar, always believed that “more smart people thrown at a problem” was key, and MacKay Forums is that belief in action.

MacKay CEO Forums are forward-thinking, results-oriented, professionally led learning groups of high achieving CEOs and top executives, many of whom represent Best Managed, Most Admired, Best 

Employers and leading brands. They are led by a professional Forum Chair who is an accomplished “trusted advisor” to CEOs and executives, and someone who creates a high performance and high accountability peer learning experience using shared experiences and judgement-free approaches.

I’m pleased to share I am a MacKay CEO Forums chair and have launched a new Forum in Toronto, catering specifically to C level Commercial Leaders. In these forums, members share their experiences, successes, and challenges to inspire others to take action, hold ourselves and others accountable, and strive for excellence in everything we do. Members connect with other successful CEOs and executives to gain agenda-free, confidential, peer feedback and put top minds to work on our most pressing issues. Our goal is help leaders accelerate growth, lead a cultural shift, and cultivate innovation, customer loyalty, and strategic focus. In essence, we aim to create more inspiring leaders. 

Nancy MacKay, CEO of MacKay CEO Forums shares, ”We’re so pleased to be working with Manoj Raheja as a Forum Chair in Toronto. The synergy of missions between MacKay CEO Forums and Sklar Wilton makes it a perfect fit. Great leaders relish gaining wisdom from the wins and lessons learned of trusted, accomplished peers. I know Manoj will help members of his Forum generate valuable insights and hold everyone to their highest personal and professional potential.”

If you’d like to become a more inspiring leader as a member of MacKay CEO Forums, please visit their website.

Or, if you would love to mentor and advise other leaders by becoming Chair of a MacKay CEO Forum, or are interested to learn why I become a chair, please feel free to get in touch with me.