A lesson in owning up to your mistakes and earning back what has been lost.

By Switty in the City.

Nobody could deny it has been an eye-opening year for fans of Justin Bieber. With the disrespectful antics of any spoiled celebrity with no authority figure to answer to and no one to keep him in line (*cough* Lohan *cough*) is there any hope? He has lost a lot of respect from his ‘beliebers’, became the laughing stock of Hollywood (Orlando Bloom-gate anyone?) and shamed by his own country. He’s definitely a little caught up in his own Kool-aid. He has quite a bit of ground to make up if he plans to redeem himself; which never really seemed to bother him at all, until now.

Enter 2015. The announcement of a new album and tour, a Comedy Central Roast and all of the sudden, he is showing up on Ellen DeGeneres for her birthday expressing regret for the way he has behaved and posting videos of himself on Instagram asking for retribution for his bad choices.

Which begs the question: Is this a genuine apology for his behavior, or a gimmick to win back the lost ‘beliebers’? Sporting a vintage Zach Morris hairstyle, he came across as timid and shy, claiming he only feels comfortable when he is on stage, or, you know, urinating in buckets at restaurants.

One can’t deny the Comeback of a disaster brand has happened in the past. Britney Spears survived 2007, came out with an MTV Documentary and is now one of the most sought after artists with a huge Vegas contract. Taylor Swift looked like a strange lady who was linked to 13 men in about 13 hours until all of the sudden she had the largest group of celebrity girlfriends Hollywood had ever seen and the best-selling album of the year.

The key to a good comeback – whether a celebrity or a brand – is to be genuine. Do not disrespect the intelligence of the audience by assuming some quick PR gimmicks will make us magically forget. Like a bad boyfriend, you need to work to earn back the trust of consumers, and that doesn’t happen overnight. You’ve got to wine and dine!

It remains to be seen if Justin Bieber can pull off the Houdini of comebacks and colour me cynical, but I don’t think we have heard the last of his bad behaviour. I will most definitely tune in to see him get Roasted though.