In Support of Light the Night 2013.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is a cause that we at SW+A passionately support and every year we take part in the Light the Night Walk.

Our fundraising campaign is in full force here at the office and one new element this year is our theme. Based on a very real insight of survivors of blood diseases and honestly, just a basic human insight, we know that everything is better when done with the support of others.

So does the same hold true with blog posts? Reporter (and SWAN) Melanie Hollingsworth gets to the bottom of it. Introducing the first ever SW+A team blog!

Why does SW+A support LLS?

Cyndi: LLS is near and dear to our hearts and we passionately raise funds to advance blood cancer research to ensure more leukemia survivors like SW+A Partner, Jennifer Marley.

Katrina:   Twice cancer has knocked

Arms linked in chains to block;

we’re Better with support

How did last year’s Light the Night walk turn out?

Manoj: Last year SW+A’s biggest accomplishment was exceeding our goal of $20K (editor’s note – we raised over $23K) …while some talented choreographer SW+Aers took a bunch of people with questionable rhythm (not naming names) and made us look great!


What moment was most memorable?

Amber: The best part was seeing my seemingly calm, cool, collected colleagues channel their inner Britney Spears made me realize that yes, anything is possible!!

Luke: Hearkening back to geometry, I could hide myself behind Tasman…and dance invisibly with reckless abandon. This was so energizing until I realized we had been filmed from a completely different angle.

How will you possibly top those results again this year?

Mel:  We’re looking to raise the stakes again with a target of $25K and a bigger, broader and better challenge. The challenge is a secret but if you donate you’ll get all the details after the event!

Jen: We know that we all do better with the support of others, so our theme for Light the Night this year is ‘Better Together’.

What’s exciting and different about this year’s walk?

Gloria: We’re excited this year because we are full of ideas, enthusiasm and we know we’ll achieve something great for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Sarah L: Because we’re going to do something scary that will actually be fun when we do it together

Jeanie: While the audience may be spared from our dance moves this year, we’re working on something with even higher stakes. At SW+A, we do much more than research and at this year’s Light the Night, you’ll see just how far we can push that boundary.

How can fans and supporters of SW+A help most?

Sarah M: Why is your support important?  Sure it will make you feel good and you get a tax receipt but this year we’ve noticed that Leukemia research is really on the cusp of BIG breakthroughs that will have real impact on the disease….who wouldn’t want to be a part of something truly ground-breaking?

Jeanie: We get up every day to help our clients succeed. With Light the Night, we’re asking our family, friends and clients to return the favour – your support is our success!

Donations are easy, just click HERE.

Any final comments on what’s to come?

Tas: Have you seen that lonely man singing to himself in public? Who is he, a devoted fan securing his spot for a concert, or maybe a homeless soprano? Maybe you’ve caught a glimpse of him on the courts, sweating and serving to an opponent that isn’t there?

Check out our teaser videos below (password is betterwithsupport):

Solo Sing Along

Self Serve