A look at how the Molson Canadian Beer Fridge made it’s journey to success.

By Jennifer Roberts

Since returning to marketing five years ago after a hiatus, I was struck by two things:

  • We are overwhelmed by email (that is another story)
  • Agency collaboration wasn’t lip service anymore – it was a matrix that was working well! Two, three and sometimes four agencies partners would be in a room to hash out strategy and work to bring an idea to life.

Which brings me to Molson Canadian Beer Fridge winning the Grand Prix at the Cassies last night…

This brilliant idea was the brain child of Rethink, and had a team rallying behind it to make it become real in the most authentic and impactful manner possible. We know audiences will smell a “rat” at the slightest whiff…so the push was to be more than a 30 second commercial and be a stunt that really would delight consumers. The goal was to trigger pride in our great country, and in its beer, Molson Canadian linked to a key insight…“do you ever notice the further you go the more Canadian you get?”

The hurdles were many: technological, legal, logistical and even the chance that consumers would not react how we hoped. How could we ensure the message was both ‘on strategy’ while being legally compliant? How to make sure it was amplified to maximize authenticity and impact? It took many people to open a fridge door. This was a great team to be a part of…thank you Rethink, MEC, and our friends on the Molson Canadian marketing team.  Sklar Wilton & Associates gives a hearty cheers on your success!

Read the full case here for Molson Canadian’s passport to success