By Jeanie Hendrie

As an organization, we spend a lot of time thinking about what we can do to help our clients succeed.

With Thanksgiving in mind, we decided to flip this question on its head, asking not what you can do for your clients, but what your clients can do for you.

We are so proud of the clients we work with, not only because they are some of Canada’s best brands and retailers but because some of Canada’s best people bring those brands to life. Great people make great clients, and here are 7 reasons our team thinks that is so:

  1. Great clients are ambitious, and strive to be best in class.
  • They are like high performance athletes; their agenda and strategy is about winning and seeking new personal bests.
  • They inspire those around them.                                                                                      
  1. Great clients are smart, and we learn from each other.
  • They are secure and surround themselves with the best employees, partners, and clients.
  • They are eager to learn and they make us better too. 
  1. Great clients are strategically agile, and value collaboration.
  • They are flexible thinkers.
  • They are willing to hear the unvarnished truth – and act on it. 
  1. Great clients act with confidence.
  • They do what they say they will do.
  • They make decisions, even when those decisions are unpopular.
  1. Great clients treat you like a member of their team; a true partner.
  • They share their thoughts and priorities, and feel comfortable reaching out about any challenges they are facing.
  • They trust you and truly value your perspective.
  1. Great clients exude positive energy.
  • They have a natural camaraderie among their team and ours.
  • They let you get to know them as people.
  1. Great clients practice gratitude.
  • They are appreciative of a job well done.
  • They take the time to say ‘thank you’.

To conclude, thank you to our clients for embodying these wonderful traits. The pleasure is ours.