By Sakshi Upadhyay

I’ve visited hundreds of retailers but none make me feel the way Nordstrom does. Unlike some places that make me cringe at the thought of shopping there, I look forward to shopping at Nordstrom because it makes me feel calm and relaxed. To me, it represents “The Spa” of the retailer world. I feel like Nordstrom and I share a special bond and, although the list is endless, here are three of the top reasons why I happily choose the premium retailer even though somewhat comparable alternatives are more readily available.

Open and Welcoming Layout: Nothing sets the tone for a premium shopping experience better than store layout. It can make you feel like you’re either trapped in a maze or getting a hug from a loved one. In addition to being the number one factor in the “to enter or not to enter” battle, Nordstrom’s open layout plays a big role in my purchasing decisions and repeat visits. At Nordstrom, everything from the physical components of the store (e.g., layout, lighting) to fixtures (e.g., mannequins, displays) has been thoughtfully designed to complement customer needs.

  • The eclectic pop-up space at the front entrance does an amazing job of highlighting current fashion trends and arousing curiosity among passersby.
  • The stores are divided into unique yet consistent floors and departments that work to create a comfortable and convenient shopping environment.
  • With numerous lounges, cashier stations, and multiple entry and exit points, Nordstrom stores are super accessible regardless of where you are in store.
  • Some floors even have their own coffee and bar area where shoppers can recharge their batteries after an intense day.

Supreme Customer Service: Nordstrom’s premium service makes shopping a delight for its customers. In store, online or over the phone, I always feel cared for rather than just a transaction. You might argue that premium service is now a given for any premium retailer but few discoveries, that I have made through interesting conversations with staff or from personal experiences, have filled me with awe. It never ceases to amaze me.

  • There is no expiration date on the return/refund policy. This makes it ideal place to buy gifts for everyone, whether they live locally or overseas. As an immigrant, I love this policy. It means I can take gifts home to my family and still return gifts that are the wrong size weeks later with ease and relief.
  • They allow pets and might even offer to watch them for you while you shop. Shopping can take time and if you’re worried about Fido at home, you’ll be watching the clock too closely to enjoy the shopping experience. Nordstrom is committed to its customers and it clear that it is willing to go above and beyond to show it cares. Now you can spend as much time you want shopping without worrying about Fido.
  • A new service called “TextStyle” will connect you with a sales associate who will offer a personalized styling experience or tips on buying a specific item via text messages. It provides a more seamless and personalized shopping experience and is made even easier through their app. TextStyle is an innovative way of recognizing consumer’s priorities and shoppers everywhere love it.

Great Brands and more: I love that I can find all my favorite brands like Ted Baker, French Connection, and Top Shop in one place. Propinquity of the visual displays makes it easy for me to find the brand and different pieces (e.g., styles, sizes) in a specific collection. In addition to stocking high-end brands, Nordstrom partners with small brands and start-ups on limited edition collections giving budding designers a platform to showcase their talent. If brands were not enough, great sales (store or warehouse) have given customers another reason to fall head over heels in love with this brand. During the last sale, my friend and I excitedly bought more than ten high-end pieces for under $500, something we could never have afforded otherwise.

Every time I shop at Nordstrom, I know it will be a special experience and I will never regret it. Perhaps I’ll stop by for a coffee this evening.